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Our Story

The story of CRROA starts before it was legally registered in 2010 when the founders saw a need for advancing the welfare of the inmates and ex-inmates as well as advocating for their human rights just to name a few. Since 2010, CRROA now works with other partners to achieve its core Values, Mission and its Vision statement. CRROA aims at all times to maintain the upmost levels of service for our clients and strive to place itself at the forefront of other NGOs in Lesotho and internationally.

Mission Statement

To work towards a crime free society through extensive rehabilitation of Victims, Inmates and Ex-inmates, as well as advocating deterrence for potential perpetrators (Males, Females and Children).

Vision Statement

Our aim is to bridge the rift that exists between the victims of crime and their offenders, and restore kindship among Ex-prisoners, families and community in large.

What We Do

At CRROA we provide services and activities in line with our programs for the benefit or our clients

Our Programs

Crime Prevention

Community outreach in discussion about crime prevention in churches and schools as well.


Rehabilitation of ex-offenders and hopes to recondition offenders that are due to be released, for preparation to further victim-offender mediation process, so that reintegration goes smoothly.


We foster peace between the community and the ex-offender to further ease reintegration.

Our Activities


We provide teachers in the juvenile training center, providing primary and high school level education.


Our social workers and counselors help with counselling ex-offenders and offer counselling to victims of crime and the families of both parties as well as the community at large.


We nurture harmonious relations between the victim and the ex-offender.

Meet Our Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people. We have that dynamic group of peoples